Saturday, October 23, 2010

1st Bagel

Alexia definitely takes after mommy with her love of bagels. The first morning we were in New Jersey we went to my favorite bagel shop. Because of the time difference we were up way too early and actually got there before it opened. We drove around a little and then went crazy. We got a bunch of bagels of every flavor and we got Alexia a mini bagel, or a "just my size bagel" as I like to call it. Alexia was nice enough to share with daddy as well. It was so yummy and of course I have been eating them almost every day since.

YiaYia and Papou

Alexia got to meet her YiaYia and Papou finally!!!! She made a mess of herself so there was a wardrobe change. This is the day we landed in New Jersey. Alexia was pretty happy for traveling the whole day.


So silly us thought getting four kids together on a couch would be a cute picture. We forgot to take into consideration we were dealing with four kids. The outcome is not what we had envisioned, but a memory just the same. This will be the last time they are together for two years (hopefully if all goes well) if not more. We tried. Thats all I can say.


We got to take a quick trip to Greece so that Alexia can meet her family and so that we could say goodbye for a while. Alaska is pretty much on the other side of the world so a visit seems unlikely. We got to see lots of family and we got a little bit of sun as well. We wish it could have been longer but it just wasn't in the cards. Here are some pics from our little trip.

Long Time No See

It has definitely been a while and I am sorry. Things has been fun and crazy and everything in between. First we cleaned up, packed up, and moved out of our home. It only took a week from start to finish but it was crazy from start to finish. Alexia was great with it all during the whole process, afterwards a different story and I will get to that.

During our moving we got to welcome Gabrielle Kirabeth Volz into this world. She is going to fit in with her two big sisters just fine. She is beautiful and loud, the two requirements of being a Volz baby.

We got to spend the last bit of our time in England with the Volz crew and Alexia loved every second of it. Her favorite toy of all time has got to be Olivia. It was fun seeing all the girls together but sad at the same time knowing it was short lived.