Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, or not

This Friday my cousin took Alexia and I to the little zoo they have here in their town. They kept on telling me it was small and not to expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. it was no London Zoo of course but they had some fun animals. We walked around and saw some lions, including three baby cubs. There were some monkeys and even a tiger. The bear unfortunately died July 6th of this year so we were short of the trifecta. We got to get really close to the animals, something you don't get to so in the states. You can stick your hand in the cages, even though the signs say not to.

Alexia actually stayed awake this time. We ended the zoo adventure with some really yummy ice cream. I ended this wonderful day with an amazing hour long facial. My face was as soft as Alexia's bottom. I could get used to having one of those every week.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fly Away

Alexia and I have flown to Hungary this past Sunday. We have left Nick to fend for himself for 2 weeks until he gets here as well. Alexia is getting to meet a lot of family while we are here, I only wish she could have met her great grandmother. Things don't alway turn out how you hope so we are just going to have to deal. Right now we are just relaxing and eating great food. My cousin flies in from Hong Kong on Monday, my brother from the states on Thursday, and then Nick gets here on Saturday. It is going to be a full house for sure. Here are a few pictures that we have taken so far.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo Updates

Sitting and playing with her bugs

Nick and Alexia in her cute bathing suite (thanks grandma!)

Me and Alexia

A long rough day

Holding her own bottle

Enjoying the nice weather

Four Month Appointment

Alexia had her four month well baby check up on Friday. She is now 13 lb 9 oz and 24.6 inches. She is pretty much where she needs to be, except the Dr. said she is just a little bit longer than average for her weight. I even asked about her head, which I was informed is not large at all, she is exactly 50th percentile for her age so my peanut head and Nick's big head averaged out to perfect, yay. Then the Dr. did some fun little tests for Alexia to see her development and he made the mistake of saying "off the charts" to me and that was it. I have declared my baby a genius and a prodigy. She has now become the smartest person on this planet. I have since calmed down about it but still, pandora's box has officially been open. i will just have to wait and see if all this is true but for now I am so happy with my happy chunky munchkin. I do have to say she was not a happy baby at the end of this appointment because she had to have her shots, and Nick was not there to help me out this time. She looked so sad and looked right at me for help. I thought this would be like the first set of shots she had at two months (they were actually the same set of shots) but I was not ready for her reaction. Last time I was expecting the worse and had to deal with practically nothing. This time I was expecting nothing and got a lot more than I bargained for. Her legs hurt her so much this time. She is a lot more mobile to every time she moved she cried. Luckily there was no fever but all weekend she was cranky. It took us so long to get her calmed down that we put her in the car seat with only her diaper on when we were heading for church, which we didn't make it to anyways. Nick and I felt so bad for her and we are not used to her being upset so we are all grateful she is back to normal and happy. She has been talking to herself practically non stop for these past two days. Nick got to experience it in the cr tonight when she talked to herself the whole ride home.

I finally broke down and did it

So for four months now I have been wishing and hoping for the baby weight to just fall off me. At fist it did and then after three weeks nothing has changed. These last ten pounds have made themselves very comfortable. I went to the gym today to start the eviction process. I miss being able to button my pants. I have been saying I'll go to the gym even before I gave birth but it was all talk. I really didn't intend on going (because the weight was supposed to fall of while I was busy eating yummy food). I was afraid of Alexia's reaction because she doesn't like sitting in her car seat if we aren't moving, and of course she woke up right when we reached the gym. But leave it to my vane daughter to love it because it was wall to wall mirrors. She saw herself and couldn't get enough. She also didn't want to interact with real mommy, it had to be reflection mommy. Since it was such a good experience I might me going back, I know I should but I would be lying if I said I will definitely be back. Lets put it this way, I have every intention of going back again soonish.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!!

It was Alexia's first Fourth of July, and boy was it a long day. I can't say it wasn't fun, but Nick and I were worn out by the end of the day, Alexia not so much. It took a few extra tries to get her to go to bed. Zoie and Olivia came over around 9am and we played a bit in the house and then went off to the park for some fun in the sun.

Alexia chose to rest and save her energy for the Festival.

We then went out to eat some lunch and to buy a ball o play with, at Olivia's request. We came back home and played a little bit and hung out in the tent while Nick tried to do some gardening, it didn't go to well. He cut the power cord and his hand instead of the tree. But it is OK because Olivia's kissed his owie and then showed him her owies. We had a quick outfit change for all three girls and then we were off to the celebration on Feltwell. It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. There were a lot of cars and we had to park pretty far but there was no line to get in. After a quick search of our bags and the wand thingy we were in. The base was open to the public so there had to be more security measures taken. I still love that the Brits come to our celebration of our independence from them.

It was loud but Alexia didn't even flinch. We walked around and went on a few rides. Then of course we ate!!! We went to Nick's Squadron's stand and got some corndogs and cheese fries. Then for dessert Nick had a deep fried twinkie and I had cotton candy. I wanted funnel cake but the line wrapped around the tent. It took all my will power not to eat more.

If Alexia ever goes missing I know where to look first, Olivia seems to think "Aka" is hers.

So today we learned that three kids is a workout for sure, but a fun one.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dear Post Office

I despise you!!!! We have had a rough relationship these past three years. I keep on thinking you will change and I keep my hopes about you, but you time and time again have let me down. At first I thought it was just how it is, but now I have come to realize you have singled me out. What have I done to deserve your wrath? All I ask for is that the things I order to arrive in a timely fashion. When I order something, and then someone else orders the same thing days after I do, who should get their stuff first? Why do I have to wait extra weeks, or even over a month, more than someone else? Things better change soon or I will quit you for good. I will find some other way, FedEx or UPS maybe. I'm tired of you making me sad!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2nd, Officially 2!!!

Olivia, our goddaughter, is now officially 2. We had a lovely dinner and some cake before more presents were opened. Alexia was nice and calm pretty much the whole time, I think it was the heat. She even passed out on the car ride home and Nick had to wake her up to eat. Happy Birthday Olivia, Nouno and Nouna love you!!!

Day Off

Nick has the day off today and I couldn't be happier. I love it when he has a 4 day weekend, and so does he of course. Lexi loves it too because she gets a lot of daddy and me time. We went to Bury to buy Lexi a teether I saw in a magazine and a little bit of shopping, because I don't do enough of that already!! Well there was a sale at Mothercare so she got some cute outfits for this fall and we got the teethers I wanted at Boots. They are awesome for her. Her mouth is still too small for those big ring teethers so these are like pacifiers but with a mouth guard-esque piece to them. Now she can just chew away and leave our fingers alone. The weather was once again beautiful even though they said it was going to rain. I couldn't help but take some pictures while we sat and ate our lunch under a tree.