Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sliding Away

When Alexia goes down the slide she goes "Weeeeeee" at the end and then signs for more. She kinda has her own version of the sign but we understand her and she loves it when we understand. She signs milk, more, and all done. She gets so happy when we understand.

A Days Work

I took a couple of hours off on Saturday. What I mean is that I left the house to do a little shopping by myself. Nick and Alexia had some daddy and daughter time while I was empty handed while in the store. It was nice being by myself for a little and for Nick to have some one on one time with Alexia. They both really enjoy it. I found some great stuff and have a million ideas for all the babies that are coming soon. I got home when Alexia was napping so I went to work on some more hair bows, a hair bow holder, and a hair band.

Alexia has a lot of purple so I made some to match her outfits.

I got a jar of flowers and made these bows for the spring and summer outfits.

This is the bow holder I will be mounting in her room to hold all of my creations.

This is a close up of the ribbon I used to match her bedroom decor.

I saw this lace in the store and decided to venture into headbands. I think she needs a little bit more hair to pull this one off though.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Looks like some likes blueberries as much as grandma does

It is hard....

Being a Princess!!!!

Take a Seat

Today I ordered the chair for Alexia's birthday. I have been waiting for the color I wanted to get in stock but it never did. They even took it off the website so I am assuming it will not be in stock for a while, or ever. I actually got the last one they had, yippy skippy luck was on our side. The only thing is we are not sure what it is going to look like when we get it. One of the reviews said the colors were inverted. The company changed the colors at some point but we are not sure which one we are getting. I love the shape of this chair and I think Alexia is going to love it for a long time. I plan on making a slip cover of some sort for it in a fun patterned fabric (one I can take off and wash when needed).

We also got some more books we ordered. We also got the stuffed animals that go with the books as well. The proceeds from these books and toys go to a children's charity so it is an even better present.

Next weekend Nick and I plan on getting the building materials for the rest of her gifts. Of course pics will be posted, but not quite of the finished products, thats for her birthday reveal.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Bows

Today I made some bows while Alexia slept. She was so tired but didn't want to take a nap so it took longer to put her down than the time she actually spent sleeping. This is definitely not normal because she usually goes to sleep without a peep. But the short time I had I did manage to crank out 11 bows. I make multiples of each bow so I can send them to friends and family. Here are the styles I made today including the one Alexia is wearing. I got some more supplies to make different types so hopefully they turn out cute.

Some may notice our fireplace is a little different. Alexia jumped off the hearth and bit her tongue while doing so. She bled a little but mommy made her laugh and she forgot about it. We had to baby proof the hearth with a padded trim. Luckily the color goes with the fireplace so it isn't an eye sore. It goes so well Alexia hasn't noticed it so she hasn't tried to rip it off (yet).

Friday, January 21, 2011

Deliveries begin

So today the doorbell rang with a delivery. Of course it was while Alexia was napping, but she didn't even notice thank goodness. Some of her birthday gifts came in, yay. I stuck them in the closet with her trike so she wouldn't try to play with them. She has this incredible eye for seeing anything new in a room and attacking. Nick and I won't start building what goes with these gifts until February, so I will just have to wait to get started. I am not very good at waiting so I have been keeping busy doing online research and making lists. Some are to do lists and some are shopping lists. I am hoping something will be delivered into our mailbox tonight too. Our mailman doesn't come until around 6 pm so I have to wait some more.

The Stinky Cheese Man book was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I remember buying it at a book fair in elementary school. It is a fun twist on the traditional fairy tales. If Alexia has inherited either Nick's or my sense of humor she will love it. The tickle monster kit is a book and a set of monster mittens for tickling, I can't wait to see if Alexia likes it. I think she will. She is already good at tickling and blowing raspberries.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Pics


Hugs for my teddy bear

What? Nothing is going on here mommy

Alexia's favorite place in the house

Loving on my daddy

I'm coming to get you!!!

A Nice Day

I have to say today was a really nice day. There was nothing special going on but everything was just pleasant. Alexia slept in until about 9 am. Then we played for a bit and of course ate plenty. Then Alexia gave me the sign for milk so we went down to her room for a nap. Usually she fusses a bit before her nap but today she just let me know she was ready and she ate and went down. I was so proud of her and I hope it continues. She took a whopping three hour nap so I was able to get stuff done and get ready to head out. When she woke up all super happy we headed out to the base. She didn't even cry in the car seat, and that NEVER happens. We went to the Arctic Oasis Center for Alexia to play in the indoor play area. There weren't too many kids there so she pretty much played with me and by herself (all while having some sort of snack in her hand or course). We then went to the commissary and then home to Nick. Then we put on the channel with the kid songs and we danced until dinner. Today is what I wish all days would be like. Everyone happy and having fun without doing anything special. No crying or fussing, just smiles and laughing. Oh, and sometimes Alexia laughs so hard she snorts, which makes laugh, so she laughs even harder and snorts some more. We sometimes just laugh for a good 30 minutes. Then we are so tired we both need a nap, but it of course is so worth it. I love my funny gal with her scrunched face when she smiles and laughs. When I say cheese, she scruches her face and shows all her teeth. She is a nut and a half.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Present #1

Nick and I have known what we want to get Alexia for her birthday for a while now. There are a few things we plan on purchasing and the rest we are actually building for her. If it all comes together it will be very cute and I think she will love it. The one thing we really really want for her is out of stock, and has been for months now. We do have some back up ones in mind, but we have our hearts set on this specific item. Once we order it I will post it. Fingers crossed it gets in stock within a week because it could take a month to deliver so it has to be ordered soon. The one thing we already purchased was her trike. We ordered it and we put it together the day after it got delivered. We put it together after ALexia went to bed for the night. We think she will love it. It is in my closet right now. We had to put it together to make sure nothing was missing or broken.

Yesterday we ordered some things that will go with one of our builds. We are going to do all the building in February on the weekends during her naps. It is important to me that we both do this for Alexia. I hope it all works out because everything is part of the theme so hopefully all the pieces come together. The trike is actually not part of the theme but everyone keeps on telling us how beautiful Alaska is in the summer and we want to go on walks with her in the trike at the trails around our house. So the trike is I guess a bonus item. I will post more pics as we get them in and the whole shebang on he birthday. I already know what her cake will be and I wrote up a little supply list that. She has never had cake before so I hope she likes it. WHo are we kidding, my kid will love it. I just hope she doesn't think she will be getting any more until her second birthday, I know I am a mean mommy. I just want her to have better eating habits than Nick and me. It is so much easier to eat fruit when your not thinking about cake and cookies, lol.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tooth be told

It didn't take long, thats for sure. Two of the three teeth we saw ready to pop has popped. Alexia is now at 5 teeth. The last one looks like it might break through by tomorrow. Nick and I thought it would take a week but I guess ALexia works fast. She is just in a hurry to ditch the mush and go straight to whatever mommy and daddy are eating. Alexia is also playing a new game. She goes over to the fireplace, looks and laughs at me for a while, and then runs over to me. She does this over and over and over again. It is actually really cute and she cracks up if she falls. I was worried she would get discouraged when she falls, but she loves it. She thinks falling is the best things ever, which is great for me because there are no tears.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coming soon

Alexia has three teeth on the way. Her two top front teeth and one next to them. She already has three so this will make six!!! I think by next week (if not by the end of the weekend) they will break through. I can't believe how fast this happened. My baby now has a mouth full of teeth, is walking, and is pretty much snubbing pureed food for the real chewable deal. She has pretty much loved everything she can get her hands on. She has dried figs from Greece yesterday and today, and she loved them as much as Nick does.

Today I took a sewing class and I did pretty well, and I don't have to say so myself because the teacher did for me. I was very proud of myself. The teacher has a couple of other classes that I wish to take. I hope to also take a cake decorating class as well. With my new skills I can't wait to get some projects done, like shortening Alexia's curtains. Once my skills improve there are some patterns on etsy I have my eye on.

Here is a video I was able to take of Alexia walking.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Yesterday, January 11th 2011 my bay girl walked for the first time. I missed the first time she did it because I was making dinner. Nick brought her over to me in the kitchen and she walked to me. We were so excited, and of course so was she. She was so proud of herself every time she walked that night, and believe me Nick and I made her do it over and over again. We practiced today as well and she is getting better. I hope to have a video of it up soon. I have to say I can't believe how fast this has happened. It has been 10 months since I brought her home from the hospital. Nick and I are already working on her birthday, yikes.

Baptism Pictures

I took some pictures of Alexia for the Thank You cards for her Baptism. Here are two that I liked a lot.


We like going to the community center here with Alexia. We decided we will go once a week so she can meet and play with other kiddos.

Looking like Grandma

This picture really reminded my of my mom.

Chill Day

I got ALexia a cool bowl that spins so she won't spill what's in it when she drags it around. She loves it and so do I. There is a lot less I have to clean up after now.

This would be Alexia's angry face. If she wants a snack and you do not hop to it, you get this face with a grunt or groan.

Potty Training

So one of our New Years resolutions was to potty train Alexia this year. So far it is going pretty well. We keep an eye out for her cues and then we rush her off to the bathroom in hopes that we get there in time. We are really hopeful since she really likes our happy song and dance that we do afterwards. Wish us luck.


This year we decided on a chill New Years at home, mostly because of Alexia. We put ALexia to bed at her normal time and we stayed up to ring in 2011. We made our resolutions and hopefully they will all be checked off as completed.

1st Sled Ride

Merry Christmas!!!