Monday, May 23, 2011

I Can Do It!

I let Alexia try to do things for herself pretty much all the time. The only way she will learn is to do it so I just go with it. It usually ends up taking a while but being a SAHM what else am I going to do with her all day. I have accepted that a big big humungous mess will always follow but I am at the point where I kinda don't care and it is worth it. She has been brushing her own teeth for a long while now, she puts on my shoes and tries to put on her own shoes, she "dresses" herself with whatever clothing she can find or pull out of a drawer, and of course eats by herself. I do draw the line with knives, in case you all were wondering. I bring all of this up because I was looking at recent pictures I have taken and the majority of them look like this...

I do a lot of laundry!!! (That is why she was disrobed in the first pictures, lol)

New Floors!!!

We finally got our new floors in. We finished the master bedroom and it looks great. Well finished is not quite accurate. The flooring went in but we still have to finish the moulding. This pick shows it with the moulding but not yet painted. I can't wait until it is completely finished and the when the walls are painted too.

Next is the great room which I think Nick will have to do by himself while ALexia and I are gone. It will be nice coming home to it done. We also bought the tile for our backsplash and it is going to look amazing!!! We also fell in love with a tile for the fireplace but we have not pulled the trigger on that purchase. We can't install the backsplash until the new countertops are done so for now it will sit in the garage. We picked out 2 countertops we like so we just have to measure and pick one. Decisions decisions!


So we haven't been up to much lately, just living our normal everyday lives. I have been sewing up a storm trying to get everything done before Alexia and I head to New Jersey. I can't wait to see everyone and there will be three new people I get to meet. I have a feeling my baby fever will hit an all time high when I see those baby girls. This weekend will be busy with packing and last minute shopping. I am not really stressing about it since whatever I forget I can get there. I just hope Alexia's tooth breaks through before we get on that plane on Wednesday so she won't be fussy. She handles it great usually but I can see it is really bothering her. She walks around looking for something she can chew on to make herself feel better. If I can get some of these videos I have off my phone I will have more entertaining posts soon enough.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Reason

The reason I got to celebrate Mother's Day is her....

 ...and I am so grateful for her.

Sesame Street

We went to the USO Sesame Street Live show on base and had so much fun. I called Nick at work a few weeks ago and demanded he pick up tickets because his daughter, who has never seen a single episode of Sesame Street, needed to see this show.  Well, I didn't quite demand but him being as awesome as he is left work early and got them. I even found a cookie monster tee at Old Navy on sale so I had to buy it, duh. When we got there Alexia got a bandana and a light up toy to play with, which she loved. She also loved seeing all the other kids. When the show started she watched and even clapped when cookie monster got on stage without being prompted. She clapped and danced in her seat and in the aisles, literally. She got up and danced in the aisle and it was the cutest thing ever! They had a rule of no videos so I didn't get a video of her dancing. I would normally disregard the no video rule and sneak one in but the USO was so generous with this free show for military families and with all of the free goodies for the kids (not only the bandana and light up toy, but DVD, magnets, and pads) that I abided by their one and only rule. Pictures were OK so here you all go....