Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Newest Additions...

These two bundles of joy have entered into my life. I was having trouble with my old sewing machine so we saw this one on sale (and the saleswoman gave me 10% off on top of the sale!!!!) and just bought it! I was a having a little bit of buyers remorse because of the price tag but once I started sewing with it...OMG like butter!!! It was amazing and I don't know how I lived without it before. Then I "had" to buy something to store my ever growing collection of threads and bobbins. I love that it is not just a plain sewing bin and I love that pattern so much. I already finished two valences and a boppy cover for my friend's daughter, an "I out did myself" pettiskirt for my goddaughter, and a blanket for my cousin's baby girl. I am in the middle of crib bumpers and a car seat canopy, which I hope to finish in a few days. I hope I remember to take pictures of these projects so show you all. The next step is building a sewing table (in the works for next month!) so I can get projects done faster and neater.

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