Thursday, February 10, 2011

Starting it

We got Alexia's chair in the mail and it is so cute. We also got Grandma and Uncle Joe's birthday gifts for Alexia. We purchased the materials for her toy box that we plan on building on Sunday. Nick is working on Saturday so we have to get it all done on Sunday, but I am pretty sure we can do it. We also picked paint colors for most of the house. We want to paint the living room but we don't have one of those crazy twisty turny ladders for the funny angles above the stairs. Maybe next year we will make that purchase (they are expensive!!!) and it will get done. After Alexia's birthday we will start the painting, yay. I also got fabric and stuff for all the baby stuff I plan on making. Hopefully I can start making them this weekend. I also picked out two possible fabrics for reupholstering my two chairs in the living room and also our dining room chairs. The dining room chairs have a white fabric now and that is a no no with kids. Thinking about it now I might even do the barstools too. Reading this now even I am beginning to think this is a lot but it will be spread out throughout the spring and summer I'm sure. Now on to the things that have been done so far:

For my goddaughter I made her Easter candle already and a flower hair bow to match her dress. I obviously didn't make the dress but I searched high and low on the internet to find a dress for her and I did hit the purchase button myself if that counts.

Then I made my two adorable nieces bow holders and I put all the bows I made for them on it. I actually was thinking of waiting and putting them in their easter baskets.

I also made an attempt at making shoes for Alexia. I knew it wouldn't be pretty the first time out so I used a scrap fabric for the inside lining and it was too stiff to make the best stitches at my skill level. Here is a pic of it anyway but I will be making more with the right fabric soon and I will post those pictures more proudly, lol.

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  1. Now you're just showing off with your crafty skills! Those little shoes look great! I honestly thought you bought them until I read that you made them! You guys are such awesome parents!