Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soccer Star

About a month ago Nick and I realized our amazing daughter has a natural talent. She put her apple on the ground and started kicking it, well not kicking it but dribbling it like a soccer ball. Of course when she was done dribbling it she picked it up and ate the apple (no food goes to waste with her, lol). We didn't teach it to her or show her how to do it. It was really amazing to see. Well a couple of weeks later we saw a soccer goal and ball on sale at a store so we bought it. Alexia now plays soccer with us and she loves it. The only problem is when she sees the camera she comes up to me and takes my hand to play instead of taking pictures or videos. If I don't have the camera she will play by herself. Isn't she such a nut? Well, I quickly grabbed the camera when her back was to me so I only caught the end of her dribbling and scoring, but you get the idea. Hopefully we can get to a park soon and I can get some good shots of her playing soccer.

Alexia now plays soccer with anything that resembles a ball, including her easter eggs, lol.

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