Monday, May 23, 2011


So we haven't been up to much lately, just living our normal everyday lives. I have been sewing up a storm trying to get everything done before Alexia and I head to New Jersey. I can't wait to see everyone and there will be three new people I get to meet. I have a feeling my baby fever will hit an all time high when I see those baby girls. This weekend will be busy with packing and last minute shopping. I am not really stressing about it since whatever I forget I can get there. I just hope Alexia's tooth breaks through before we get on that plane on Wednesday so she won't be fussy. She handles it great usually but I can see it is really bothering her. She walks around looking for something she can chew on to make herself feel better. If I can get some of these videos I have off my phone I will have more entertaining posts soon enough.

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