Monday, May 23, 2011

New Floors!!!

We finally got our new floors in. We finished the master bedroom and it looks great. Well finished is not quite accurate. The flooring went in but we still have to finish the moulding. This pick shows it with the moulding but not yet painted. I can't wait until it is completely finished and the when the walls are painted too.

Next is the great room which I think Nick will have to do by himself while ALexia and I are gone. It will be nice coming home to it done. We also bought the tile for our backsplash and it is going to look amazing!!! We also fell in love with a tile for the fireplace but we have not pulled the trigger on that purchase. We can't install the backsplash until the new countertops are done so for now it will sit in the garage. We picked out 2 countertops we like so we just have to measure and pick one. Decisions decisions!

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