Monday, May 23, 2011

I Can Do It!

I let Alexia try to do things for herself pretty much all the time. The only way she will learn is to do it so I just go with it. It usually ends up taking a while but being a SAHM what else am I going to do with her all day. I have accepted that a big big humungous mess will always follow but I am at the point where I kinda don't care and it is worth it. She has been brushing her own teeth for a long while now, she puts on my shoes and tries to put on her own shoes, she "dresses" herself with whatever clothing she can find or pull out of a drawer, and of course eats by herself. I do draw the line with knives, in case you all were wondering. I bring all of this up because I was looking at recent pictures I have taken and the majority of them look like this...

I do a lot of laundry!!! (That is why she was disrobed in the first pictures, lol)

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