Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I finally broke down and did it

So for four months now I have been wishing and hoping for the baby weight to just fall off me. At fist it did and then after three weeks nothing has changed. These last ten pounds have made themselves very comfortable. I went to the gym today to start the eviction process. I miss being able to button my pants. I have been saying I'll go to the gym even before I gave birth but it was all talk. I really didn't intend on going (because the weight was supposed to fall of while I was busy eating yummy food). I was afraid of Alexia's reaction because she doesn't like sitting in her car seat if we aren't moving, and of course she woke up right when we reached the gym. But leave it to my vane daughter to love it because it was wall to wall mirrors. She saw herself and couldn't get enough. She also didn't want to interact with real mommy, it had to be reflection mommy. Since it was such a good experience I might me going back, I know I should but I would be lying if I said I will definitely be back. Lets put it this way, I have every intention of going back again soonish.

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  1. Let's do playdates at the gym rather than lunches ;)
    This Wednesday is ok but around midday might be the worst time for us as it is Brandon's nap time so how about if we met up earlier so that they can play rather than him being cruncky... What do you think?