Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Four Month Appointment

Alexia had her four month well baby check up on Friday. She is now 13 lb 9 oz and 24.6 inches. She is pretty much where she needs to be, except the Dr. said she is just a little bit longer than average for her weight. I even asked about her head, which I was informed is not large at all, she is exactly 50th percentile for her age so my peanut head and Nick's big head averaged out to perfect, yay. Then the Dr. did some fun little tests for Alexia to see her development and he made the mistake of saying "off the charts" to me and that was it. I have declared my baby a genius and a prodigy. She has now become the smartest person on this planet. I have since calmed down about it but still, pandora's box has officially been open. i will just have to wait and see if all this is true but for now I am so happy with my happy chunky munchkin. I do have to say she was not a happy baby at the end of this appointment because she had to have her shots, and Nick was not there to help me out this time. She looked so sad and looked right at me for help. I thought this would be like the first set of shots she had at two months (they were actually the same set of shots) but I was not ready for her reaction. Last time I was expecting the worse and had to deal with practically nothing. This time I was expecting nothing and got a lot more than I bargained for. Her legs hurt her so much this time. She is a lot more mobile to every time she moved she cried. Luckily there was no fever but all weekend she was cranky. It took us so long to get her calmed down that we put her in the car seat with only her diaper on when we were heading for church, which we didn't make it to anyways. Nick and I felt so bad for her and we are not used to her being upset so we are all grateful she is back to normal and happy. She has been talking to herself practically non stop for these past two days. Nick got to experience it in the cr tonight when she talked to herself the whole ride home.

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