Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting it Done

I am actually really proud of myself for following through with getting things done and trying to better myself. The only TV I have seen this past week were a few episodes of Super Why and Yo Gabba Gabba. I don't even really mind it. I have made Alexia 2 scarves, finished the third hair bow for my friend and bagged it up (haven't quite made it to the post office yet), a valentine's day wreath, a care package for my friend's daughter with only one thing missing (who knew it would be so hard to find a cute ice cream bowl in the middle of winter in Alaska), and last but not least I am almost done with Alexia's quilt top. Oh, I almost forgot the trim in the master bedroom is now officially done as well, it is patched, sanded, and painted! Yippy!!!

We got a call yesterday and today ( I guess they forgot they called yesterday) that my camera is being shipped back here. I am so excited to get it back. All the things I have mentioned above with get pictures taken of them and posted soon enough.

I am also going to start the green movement in two days. I have to go to the store and buy the stuff for it. Nick and I are going to try it to see if it really makes a difference in the way we feel. I am really optimistic and hoping it improves my energy level and of course improves my health. I found a gymnastics class for Alexia so I need my energy to keep up with her. It is a class where the parents are involved in the classes. When she becomes three she will be taking classes by herself. She will also be able to take the dance classes when she is three as well. She already tumbles and flips (with our help of course) so she will love it to bits. I am excited just thinking of all the cute dance outfits I can make her, squeal!!! Nick said the place is near the zoo so we might be able to go there too on the days she has classes. We plan on getting a season pass for the zoo this year.

Well, I better go and try to finish the quilt top so I can take pictures of it when my camera gets here. Hopefully there will be some fun pictures the next time I post!!!

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