Thursday, January 19, 2012


We FINALLY got the trim done in the living room. The flooring has been done for forever and we put quarter round moulding (well something similar because I did not like the look of it and found something that blended with our existing moulding) up a long while ago too. The last step of finishing it just kinda fell to the way side. We got our butts in gear and Nick patched up all the nail holes and I painted the trim. Since we split the job it wasn't so bad.

I have no idea how but I got paint on my butt without noticing.

When the tape came off, there was a nice little surprise for me. The tape did not stick to he floor well for some odd reason and this is what happened everywhere!!

I had to use toothpicks to clean up all the paint smudges off the floor. My knees and fingers might not ever recover from it! I also want to say sorry for the picture quality. My camera is still in the shop and our point and shoot broke too. You can't trust a one year old with anything apparently!

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