Friday, October 14, 2011

Care Bears

When Alexia and I were visiting in New Jersey we went to the mart and Alexia fell in love with a roll of fleece they were selling. I am pretty sure it was because it had bears all over it, and of course she has no clue what a care bear is. Alexia doesn't usually take something off the shelve and refuse to put it back. She took this roll that was almost the size of her and walked it to the register and she even put it on the belt to purchase (she has never done that!) My mom kinda agreed that we have to buy it for her. I took a look at the yardage and decided I would make 4 blankets for her. Two would be crib size and two would be little cuddle blankets for her to walk around with. Since Alexia is a blanket addict I want to have the same blankets she had at home at my mom's house. That way I don't have to pack blankets. She already had the "car blanket" there because I made two of them. Now she will have these there as well.

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