Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party

We have people over every Sunday for football so I decided this Sunday we should have a Halloween Party since everyone will be here. Everyone ended up having a good time.

This is the spread

I made regular cupcakes and I also tried cupcakes in a jar. I have made pie in a jar before and saw cupcakes in a jar from so I decided to try it.

I also made some hot dog mummies and monster noodles. I saw these in a Halloween magazine and decided to make it. I did change the recipe for the monsters so the kids would like it.

The thing that took the longest to prepare were the cookies. They were also the biggest hit. I made the cookies two days before hand and decorated them the day before. The decorating took way longer than I had thought it would. I used melted chocolate and a powered sugar frosting I made. I started going cross eyes toward the end and Nick helped by eating the ugly ones and laughing at me.

The cookies were Alexia's favorite and she would not let it go for pictures.

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