Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Addict!!!

Alexia has tasted the sweet amazingness of candy and now Nick and I are in BIG trouble. On Friday we went to a little Halloween fair at a near by park. There were games, crafts, and a make shift trick-or-treat trail. Alexia refuses to say trick or treat in public (she does it at home and in the car I promise) so she just said "please" to get the candy. She opened one of the chocolates and it was over!!! "More please" is pretty much all I have heard all weekend. Then crying when she doesn't get it. Today she surprised us all and said "pretty please" so of course Nick said she has to get candy now! Good thing we go to Hawaii tomorrow so she can forget about candy. Candy what? Candy who? Never heard of it girl. Here, have an apple!

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