Friday, October 7, 2011

What's Up?

Once again it has been a while. I have been completing a bunch of projects and adding even more on my to do list.

I made a bunch of stuff for my cousin for her baby girl. I made a diaper cake, stroller blanket, burp rags, bibs, wipes case, pacifier holder, boppy cover, crib bumpers, changing pad cover, and a car seat canopy. There might have been more but I can't remember. I forgot to take pictures (of course) except for when it was all packages up for the baby shower.

Alexia and I flew to New Jersey to surprise my cousin for her baby shower. It was so great to see everyone, some of whom I haven't seen since Nick and my wedding six years ago. It of course had to be during hurricane Irene so Alexia got to experience her first hurricane.

Now I have a to do list a mile long but I will chip at it day by day. I did complete these Halloween toddler bracelets for my goddaughter and her sisters. I will be making some for Alexia and her friend Lily but these had to get done early so they can get to the girls by Halloween.

I have made something absolutely adorable for Alexia with this:

I bought a couple of things to complete that and I plan on taking pictures this weekend. I also bought some more fabric for my other projects.

We have one of our wooden projects on the list for tomorrow so hopefully the weather allows us to get some work done outside. We aren't planning on going anywhere this three day weekend so hopefully a lot will get done.


  1. Elizabeth! Where did you get the fabric in the last picture all the way on the left?? I LOVE it! I want to buy some. I think it'd make for a great shawl/scarf! THANKS! :)

  2. I love that fabric too but it is home decor fabric so it is too heavy for a scarf. I wish they had a silky fabric or even a light weight cotton.