Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going Dental

I found out that the base community center has a free dental clinic for kids on the last tuesday of every month. Even though a lot of people will say it is too early for Alexia to go, I still went thinking it couldn't hurt. It is free, it is there, and a small percentage of kids do have problems this early on. Alexia loves to brush her teeth, but as you can imagine it is a 1 year old brushing her own teeth. She doesn't do as thorough of a job as I would like. She hates it when I help her out, but I have to. The dentist there said it was a good idea to bring her just to get checked. He said her molars are coming in(one actually broke through today and it looks like the other one will either latr today or tomorrow) He checked her out, brushed her teeth, did a fluoride treatment, and got some stickers and a cool bag-o-goodies. They let her pick and she picked two of them, lol. We gave the second one back. But now she has a new tooth brush with a travel top, toothpaste with fluoride, floss (pretty sure we aren't going to use that yet because she bites!!!), and even a timer so she brushed long enough.

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