Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am making it a point to start working out for real now. I have talked about it but really did nothing about it. Now three times a week I will be going to the gym for mommy time. My selection for classes are limited since I have to take it at night when Nick is home to watch Alexia. I am going to take a Step class twice a week and a yoga class once a week. Really those were my only options other than work out by myself. I am not god at self motivation so a class is great for me. Yesterday was day one. i went for my first Step class. As it turned out the instructor was sick and the Zumba instructor took her place. I really liked it when I didn't look in the mirror so see how horrible I was. I got a good workout with it and I am sore today. The instructor teaches during the day so I won't be able to take her class again until May. She is graduating in May and will have a job so he will be teaching at night then, yay. As for the Step class, I am going tomorrow to see how it is. Everyone there was telling me it is pretty intense so hopefully it will whip my butt into shape for this summer.

When I got home I cut out the pattern for my new sewing project. I hope it makes my life easier when it is all done. I unfortunately I ran out of thread so it won't be done until I go get some more. Until then I am starting a few more projects, including my curtains. My curtains need blackouts put in them and Alexia's needs blackouts and to be shortened. Here is a little sneak peek at my project that needs thread....

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