Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lonesome Crafting

Today was my first day without Nick. He left 3 am this morning so it has been me and Alexia. Luckily she was great. She had been able to communicate better as the days go by so our days are smoother with her telling my what she wants. It is like she knew was getting bigger since turing one. Her signing has been great and she kinda has a way of saying what she wants. She is very good with her tone since she isn't quite using a known language yet. We went to run some errands and then played a bit at the indoor playground. Alexia has gotten a lot braver with approaching other kids. She seems to gravitate towards boys, which Nick disapproves of. Today the boys she gawked at left early so she decided to shadow some five year olds girls. It was funny how she got just close enough to pretend to play with them without actually playing with them.

After Alexia went to to bed I busted out the crafting supplies to see if I can make a wipes case. I had some fabric left over from a gift set I am making for a friend so I thought I would at a wipes case to it. I made one for Alexia first as a test run. It ended up being very quick and easy.


  1. Sooo... What's your stores name on Etsy? May I request a pencil/pen/marker case (travel size) so when I go sketching, I can bring them with me instead of my HUGE case? Thanks! :)

    Love the story about Alexia and the kids.