Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful gifts that Alexia got. I hate to say it but Grandma so kicked our butts in the presents. Alexia like our gifts for her until she saw grandma's and then it was all over. I have a video of her reacting to the gift and once I figure out how to edit the video I will post it. The video is like 30 minutes long to I only want to post a few seconds of it.

Here are the gifts Nick and I got Alexia:

She makes us push this in circles in the living room all day. She also pretends to "tinker" with it.

She loves gathering things and sitting in this chair with all of her "treasures."

This is the library cart Nick and I built for her. We decided to wait to put the wheels on so we can save our walls from any damage. Alexia loves pushing things around now. We will be putting the rest of her books on it and put it in her room.

This is what Grandma and Uncle Joe got Alexia:

They got her this toy as well as all of her fun animal storage boxes that I showed in a previous post. She loves this toy more than mommy sometimes.

Alexia's Nouna got her all of these fun books (One is even a pop up!!)

Lily got Alexia this toy:

She isn't sitting on it because she fell off of it and is fine with just running around it and enjoying the music it plays. When she forgets about the fall she will love being able to ride it again.

Alexia is having so much fun with all of her toys. She is so loved and blessed to have such great people in her life. Hopefully she won't be too spoiled and appreciated all that she has. The one thing I have noticed is Alexia is more than willing to share everything she has. She doesn't show any sign of jealousy or anything like that when someone else plays with her toys. I hope that continues throughout her life.


  1. She is one spoiled little girl!! But she deserves every single bit of it! Wish I was able to be more involved :(

    Don't you have a MAC? It should have come with iMovie. You can use that to edit videos.

    If you don't, you can always youtube's remixer. Here's a website to guide you.


    You do have to upload the video to youtube, but you don't have to "publish" it or make it public. Then you go into your account and use the editor. I haven't used it to edit a video myself, but I have looked t it and played with it and it doesn't look too bad.

    Try that out and GOOD LUCK!!

    Can't wait to see it!

  2. you can always **USE** youtube's remixer.

  3. I am going to try the imovie on my mac but I have never tried it yet. It will be trial and error so I don't know how long it will take. I am pretty sure I can figure it out.