Friday, March 18, 2011


Today I went to my first ever jazzercise class. A friend told me about a free class today up in Eagle River. I was worried how Alexia would handle being in a day care setting. She cried at first but once the music started I didn't hear her anymore, lol. The class definitely made me sweat and it made me totally aware of my lack of rhythm and dance skills. When the class was over we all stood in front of the day care door waiting for the mass release. Once the door opened Alexia and Lily, my friend's daughter, both burst out in tears. Once in our arms they forgot about everything. The lady there told me Alexia cried on and off the whole time but she was easily distracted. I am well aware of how fast Alexia can forget something if something with lights, music, and/or buttons appears. I was just happy they didn't have to come and get me during the class. I quickly figured out why she was good with it all, she had animal cracker crumbs all over her face and shirt. The best "in" with Alexia is food. The class tired us both out.

After the class we had a fun skype session with Alexia's cousins, a nap, and then we got ready to go see Eric Ode at the library. He is a singer/songwriter/author/poet. It was a cute little mini concert and all the kids loved it. Alexia even danced along to the songs. One of the songs got her to do the foot stomping hands in the air dance, so you know she liked it a lot. Here is a video of him from a different concert, but he sang most of the same songs.

Here are some pictures of Alexia at the library before the concert. I couldn't take pictures during because it was kind of an audience participation thing and Alexia needed my help with that.

Here she is being all cool and nonchalant about everything.

Checking out the scenery.

Taking a very important phone call.

Being sneaky because she saw the guitar and she wanted to strum it like she does with Nick's at home.

Alexia loved being able to color.

She can color standing up.

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