Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today we went to the pool on base for open swim. Apparently we went at the perfect time and there was only one other family there. Nick and I want to make it a weekly thing for our family. We also walked around the track a bit before we went to the pool. We talked about what our plans are for this summer. We want to go swimming weekly and also get bikes to ride the trails a block from our house. We also want to head up the mountain a bit and go hiking. We have checked out a back pack carrier for Alexia for when we go hiking and also one of those things you hook to a bike and drag behind you. We want to be active so Alexia enjoys being active too. As for swimming we only got one picture and we got washed out by the flash on the cell phone camera so I had to make it black and white. She didn't like the pool at first but after a minute or two she was having fun. She learned to kick pretty well so we will be working on that next time.

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