Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday Madness

We had two kids birthday parties yesterday and I'm still exhausted. First came Zoie's pirate themed party. The kids ran around all crazy in the gym area and then went on to have food, candy, and cake. It was a fun party and Alexia got into the pirate thing too.

Here is the cake with the sails on it.

After the pirate party we were off to Elijah's Curious George party. We had a good time, with good food and fun people. I got to meet a few new faces and had some conversations with grown-ups, always a plus. And as always Christine made amazing lumpias. I can't even tell you how many I ate, and if I knew I don't think I would want to admit to the number. Elijah was so cute and had a good time partying it up. Alexia was just jealous of the food everyone was eating, even Elijah's cake!!

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