Friday, June 18, 2010


So this was my first real experience with fondant. We made it last night from scratch and put the cake together today. I have learned that fondant is something you need to practice with. You need some good tools and a few tricks of the trade, neither of which I possess. Practice makes perfect and I'll be working on it. This cake is for Zoie's pirate themed party tomorrow. The sails are still missing because we needed the cake to fit in the refrigerator. Tomorrow will be when the final product gets revealed. I hope Zoie likes it, because if she doesn't she will definitely let me know. When I made her a mermaid castle cake, the first thing she did when she saw it was tell me what I did wrong. Yup, harsh criticism from a then four year old. I guess we shall see tomorrow if we get the thumbs up or if we have to walk the plank.

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  1. Liz, for never having worked with fondant, this is a great looking cake! If you do keep up the "practice," you need to start charging people! LOL You'll be opening your own cake decorating business in no time! :-P