Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Zoie!!

So today Zoie turned 6!!!! I still can't believe it. I still sometimes think of her as a little 3 year old I met, those were the days. Today started off with me baking three cakes for Zoie's pirate ship cake. This will be for her pirate party on Saturday (pictures to come I promise). Alexia has been the most amazing baby today so I was able to bake without a problem. Even Nick mentioned how perfect she was today. She is almost always a really good baby so we can't really complain. Nick passed his PT test today so it was definitely a celebratory day for us. We feasted on mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and ice cream cake (as requested by the birthday girl). After we ate Marguerita and I made the chocolate fondant for the pirate cake and Zoie played with the T-Ball set we gave her. She is going to kick butt her first day of T-Ball tomorrow.

Nick has off tomorrow so I will be able to decorate the cake with Marguerita without having to take Alexia with me. Lets hope it turns out awesome because Zoie is one tough customer.

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