Friday, June 25, 2010


So today was full of errands. I went to Newmarket to pick up Olivia's birthday gift nice and early in the morning. Thank goodness I did because on the drive home the A11 (the highway I need to take to and from Newmarket) was at a stand still. I am assuming there was an accident that closed it completely. I was so happy to be driving the opposite direction and glad I am an early bird. Its sometimes difficult to do things quickly when out with Alexia because people keep on stopping us and say "Oh my all that hair" or "Just look at those eyes." I really can't blame them because she really does have way more hair than an average baby and she does stare people down with her big eyes, usually forgetting to blink while she does it. Heck, I catch myself everyday commenting on her crazy hair and her big eyes.

I also baked the four cakes I need for Olivia's birthday cake. I won't be decorating it until right before the party because it has fresh strawberries in it and I don't want it to do mushing in this heat. Alexia and I also wrapped Sabrina's gift and we are going to ship it out on Monday. I hope it gets there in time for her birthday.

"Sabrina, I got you something for your birthday. I hope you like it!"

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