Sunday, June 13, 2010

And it begins

So this weekend started off the FIFA madness. Alexia watched her first soccer game (on TV of course). We watched the Greece game while we were having lunch and it didn't go so well. Nick of course had his jersey on and one lady walking by told her little son to watch out because that man has tourette's. Nick of course didn't curse because he knew children were around but he did get a little angry and kinda looked like a kid in time out for a second while he was holding it all in. We then went home so I can make a seven layer dip and for Nick to change jerseys for the USA vs England game. We wanted to go to a pub and watch it with the Brits but thought it would be better (and a bit safer) if we went to a friend's house instead. We had a great time and as we all know USA tied with England, which is better than losing for sure. And as the one Brit at the party said, that goalie is a donkey.

We are having a hard time finding her a soccer outfit for the games. I guess you snooze you lose. Not only does she not have a soccer outfit, she doesn't have anything to wear for Friday's Mets game. Her Mets outfit is for 6 months so she doesn't fit in it yet. We are going to a friend's house and they are yankee fans so she has to represent. I guess we will see how it goes.

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