Thursday, June 24, 2010

VISA, American Express not accepted

We finally had our appointment to get Alexia's Visa. She got her passport about a week or two ago. She already looks nothing like her photo. We should be able to have her passport back, with her visa in it, in our hands by the 15th of July. Hopefully we will be able to get it a little earlier. We want to plan our trip to Hungary as soon as we can. I can't wait for my grandmother to meet her great granddaughter. I already ordered a couple of summer outfits for Alexia. She had no idea what kind of heat awaits her. She is used to 75 degrees as hot, heck so am I.

When we got home I watched the USA vs Algeria game. I got home only to see the second half, so I missed some of the "questionable calls." Poor Alexia was sleeping and I tried so hard to watch quietly. I am so glad they pulled through and are now off to the next round. I hope they have better luck with the referees next round. I don't want to see any more goals taken away. Nick came home late because he watched the game at work. Alexia was excited about the win when she heard about it later in the day.

I realized Alexia is going to start solid food soon. We already let her try mashed potatoes and peanut butter. We gave her the potatoes because we were eating it and she really wanted some, and she liked it enough to have a second bite. Nick gave her peanut butter because he wanted to see if she was allergic. I was not so happy about it. When I scolded him he smeared some on her leg and said if she is allergic her leg will turn red. She already ate some, a red leg is not what I was worried about. As it turned out she is not allergic, thank goodness. Since she wil be starting rice cereal at four months, I gave her a spoon to "practice with." Well, she held on to it for dear life but had horrible aim. If the cereal needed to go into her eye or ear she would have been good. She likes to be in control of her bottle so hopefully she will let me be in control of the spoon. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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