Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Present #1

Nick and I have known what we want to get Alexia for her birthday for a while now. There are a few things we plan on purchasing and the rest we are actually building for her. If it all comes together it will be very cute and I think she will love it. The one thing we really really want for her is out of stock, and has been for months now. We do have some back up ones in mind, but we have our hearts set on this specific item. Once we order it I will post it. Fingers crossed it gets in stock within a week because it could take a month to deliver so it has to be ordered soon. The one thing we already purchased was her trike. We ordered it and we put it together the day after it got delivered. We put it together after ALexia went to bed for the night. We think she will love it. It is in my closet right now. We had to put it together to make sure nothing was missing or broken.

Yesterday we ordered some things that will go with one of our builds. We are going to do all the building in February on the weekends during her naps. It is important to me that we both do this for Alexia. I hope it all works out because everything is part of the theme so hopefully all the pieces come together. The trike is actually not part of the theme but everyone keeps on telling us how beautiful Alaska is in the summer and we want to go on walks with her in the trike at the trails around our house. So the trike is I guess a bonus item. I will post more pics as we get them in and the whole shebang on he birthday. I already know what her cake will be and I wrote up a little supply list that. She has never had cake before so I hope she likes it. WHo are we kidding, my kid will love it. I just hope she doesn't think she will be getting any more until her second birthday, I know I am a mean mommy. I just want her to have better eating habits than Nick and me. It is so much easier to eat fruit when your not thinking about cake and cookies, lol.

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