Saturday, January 29, 2011

Take a Seat

Today I ordered the chair for Alexia's birthday. I have been waiting for the color I wanted to get in stock but it never did. They even took it off the website so I am assuming it will not be in stock for a while, or ever. I actually got the last one they had, yippy skippy luck was on our side. The only thing is we are not sure what it is going to look like when we get it. One of the reviews said the colors were inverted. The company changed the colors at some point but we are not sure which one we are getting. I love the shape of this chair and I think Alexia is going to love it for a long time. I plan on making a slip cover of some sort for it in a fun patterned fabric (one I can take off and wash when needed).

We also got some more books we ordered. We also got the stuffed animals that go with the books as well. The proceeds from these books and toys go to a children's charity so it is an even better present.

Next weekend Nick and I plan on getting the building materials for the rest of her gifts. Of course pics will be posted, but not quite of the finished products, thats for her birthday reveal.

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