Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Nice Day

I have to say today was a really nice day. There was nothing special going on but everything was just pleasant. Alexia slept in until about 9 am. Then we played for a bit and of course ate plenty. Then Alexia gave me the sign for milk so we went down to her room for a nap. Usually she fusses a bit before her nap but today she just let me know she was ready and she ate and went down. I was so proud of her and I hope it continues. She took a whopping three hour nap so I was able to get stuff done and get ready to head out. When she woke up all super happy we headed out to the base. She didn't even cry in the car seat, and that NEVER happens. We went to the Arctic Oasis Center for Alexia to play in the indoor play area. There weren't too many kids there so she pretty much played with me and by herself (all while having some sort of snack in her hand or course). We then went to the commissary and then home to Nick. Then we put on the channel with the kid songs and we danced until dinner. Today is what I wish all days would be like. Everyone happy and having fun without doing anything special. No crying or fussing, just smiles and laughing. Oh, and sometimes Alexia laughs so hard she snorts, which makes laugh, so she laughs even harder and snorts some more. We sometimes just laugh for a good 30 minutes. Then we are so tired we both need a nap, but it of course is so worth it. I love my funny gal with her scrunched face when she smiles and laughs. When I say cheese, she scruches her face and shows all her teeth. She is a nut and a half.

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