Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some Bows

Today I made some bows while Alexia slept. She was so tired but didn't want to take a nap so it took longer to put her down than the time she actually spent sleeping. This is definitely not normal because she usually goes to sleep without a peep. But the short time I had I did manage to crank out 11 bows. I make multiples of each bow so I can send them to friends and family. Here are the styles I made today including the one Alexia is wearing. I got some more supplies to make different types so hopefully they turn out cute.

Some may notice our fireplace is a little different. Alexia jumped off the hearth and bit her tongue while doing so. She bled a little but mommy made her laugh and she forgot about it. We had to baby proof the hearth with a padded trim. Luckily the color goes with the fireplace so it isn't an eye sore. It goes so well Alexia hasn't noticed it so she hasn't tried to rip it off (yet).

1 comment:

  1. Those bows are so adorable! When are you going to start selling them??? Because, honestly, before reading, I thought you just posted pictures of bows you bought. Love reading your blog, I'm glad I have the opportunity to see Alexia grow and feel involved(ish) even though you guys are so far away! Miss you all! Take care! <3