Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Days Work

I took a couple of hours off on Saturday. What I mean is that I left the house to do a little shopping by myself. Nick and Alexia had some daddy and daughter time while I was empty handed while in the store. It was nice being by myself for a little and for Nick to have some one on one time with Alexia. They both really enjoy it. I found some great stuff and have a million ideas for all the babies that are coming soon. I got home when Alexia was napping so I went to work on some more hair bows, a hair bow holder, and a hair band.

Alexia has a lot of purple so I made some to match her outfits.

I got a jar of flowers and made these bows for the spring and summer outfits.

This is the bow holder I will be mounting in her room to hold all of my creations.

This is a close up of the ribbon I used to match her bedroom decor.

I saw this lace in the store and decided to venture into headbands. I think she needs a little bit more hair to pull this one off though.

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